New Baggy Line for the new generation style by 13 years old Maria Mersuli

Mersuli is a family-run business. As such, we love to include our new generation of the family in the creative process, because they contribute with fresh, original and “out of the box” ideas as well as inspire us to create better products for the young generation.



Maria Mersuli is the daughter of our creative director. She is 13 and she loves art, she aspires to be an architect though. Inspired by her favorite singer, Billie Eilish, she had this fantastic idea to start her own line with Mersuli designing baggy clothes that she enjoys wearing lately. Together with Zhuljeta Feta, our head fashion designer and modelist, they created a few pieces for teenagers that reflect creativity, comfort, and sustainability. They put together fantastic prints and color combination in 100% cotton fabric.

Mersuli Baggy Line

 This collection will be enriched continuously with new design pieces. Furthermore, the client may ask for customized adjustments such as the length of the t-shirt or if they prefer more width for the trousers, etc. We respect personal preferences. Even though we design original pieces, we work closely with our clients for the best fit for their body shape, as well as to contribute to their comfort.  Until now we have been successful at delivering perfect fit products to little girls around the globe.

View the pieces here and don’t hesitate to contact us for further customization at




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