Get to know Mersuli's Creative Director

Get to know Mersuli's Creative Director


If you look carefully at Mersuli’s website and at the social media accounts you will notice an artistic element in each post and in the entire brand’s image and its visual concept.

This is because the Creative Director, Mrs. Erida Mersuli has an artistic mind & soul. She is passionate about the details, about the simple and yet sophisticated beauty and with her unique creativity she keeps on bringing a unique tendency when it comes to style and elegance.  She creates the designs (together with her mother Xhuljeta Feta) of the clothing lines, accessories and takes care of the brand image of Mersuli.  She is responsible for creating and inventing new ideas for branding, advertising campaigns and marketing messages.  

Welcoming me with kindness to her fabolous office I felt so comfortable and I enjoyed the conversation, (while interviewing her for the 1st time) 

1) Mrs. Mersuli What inspired you on starting this new venture?

After all these years working in marketing and advertising I thought that the time had come for me to continue what my mother has started. A very beautiful heritage I gifted from my family. A huge inspiration despite my mother, my two step daughters who are my muses played a significant role on creating “Mersuli”.

2) How Mersuli Brand is developing in the local fashion industry (market) and internationally?

My mother has done a great job so far due to her huge client's portfolio. That’s why we thought it would be a great move to start making the brand available on several international markets. Now we are exclusively online, but It’s our plan and strategy to open stores initially in the Balkans, where we ship our products more often.

3) What makes Mersuli a special brand?

Our brand is all about timeless design and craftsmanship. We love embroidery, special fabrics and valuable accessories. We work many hours to make each design unique. If you take a closer look to our dress you’ll be amazed by the details. That’s what Mersuli is all about!

4) Where do you find your inspiration regarding the new collection’s design?

I love nature! That’s where my inspiration comes from. Observing nature is my prior and most important part of the mood board.

5) What are your expectations regarding the Brand?

We’d love to see our clothes to be part of many people’s lifestyle, but still our product is not that affordable. We expect our brand to make a little girl or a woman feel classy and confident while wearing a Mersuli dress. That’s when our mission would be completed J

6) What challenges do you face in this industry?

We live at a time when the fashion industry is overcrowded. Our main challenge is to be noticed, since we are trying to have a presence worldwide. As a new brand, we know is not going to happen overnight. We are working hard every day, to achieve our goal and during these few months we have been surprised and satisfied by the gained popularity and customer feedback. The best is yet to come...


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