I always dreamed of having a baby girl, for many reasons. One of them was to wear matchy-matchy outfits.  It feels so great when you see your little one as the most beautiful “twin” you could ever have. For celebrating an important event we had last weekend, we choose the classic gold style dresses @ Mersuli Atelier.  Pardon my modesty, but we looked stunning in those wonderful dresses.

Every single detail of the dress was absolutely amazing, embroidered with gold ornaments, with the precious material that made us feel comfy in the same time. My little one looked adorable in her gold romper and champagne dress.  Worth the price, the quality and the passion used for the creation of that unique dress, it was just a masterpiece. Beyond every received compliment, we had that Cinderella feeling night, which will be a long lasting memory and an amazing photography that I will always love.

by Sheila Rexho




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