How does it feel?

Being a mom of course gets you more emotional and when you see your little daughter standing in front of the camera your heart just melts...

I have pictured that moment, during my entire pregnancy, during all these months with Seidi, waiting for her to grow up. I even bought her a newborn princess dress for the very 1st day, but she never wore it, since it wasn't that comfortable.

However in my fantasies, in my daily fashion style I always loved Seidi to wear like a real princess. And when I say a princess I mean the real ones, not those with the cheap pink chiffon, but real royal dresses, with precious and comfortable materials and classy details.
That's my passion for fashion, simple and sophisticated in the same time.
That's what I liked in every dress Seidi weared that day.

Every color, every model, every ornament of each dress was made of love and I wanted to buy the entire collection.

Seeing her pose in a white one made me think of those little angels, shining bright with pureness and innocence. When Seidi posed for a royal gold one, she seemed to me like a little fairy,  that made my dreams come true. What about the red dress?! Oh it was just glamorous, she looked like a french young  lady, in style and so chic.

I am in love with that collection, not just because my baby was part of the photo shooting, but I love the entire art expressed in each dress. Wait and see the entire photos and you will agree with me :)




U shtua në shportë me sukses!