Little, yet so big

Little, yet so big

by Sheila Rexho

Recently, when I saw a post on Instagram from @fashion_laerta wearing a Mersuli dress, It reminded me that there’s a hidden wish inside every mom for having her kid a Social Media influencer, no matter the theory of not exposing our little ones on media, the wish is still there and I do believe that each one of us would love to see their kids receiving likes and comments, being followed by thousands and also raising awareness for certain brands. I am sure then when they’ll grow up they would have a lovely memory, a piece of fame from their childhood, which will make them smile and somehow “proud” of them.



Let’s be honest: I did, I created an Instagram account on behalf of my baby girl and it was pretty fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

I always followed those little famous cuties on Instagram, seeing how successful they were and how they have affected the fashion industry and that was the reason which pushed me.

No need for runaways, catwalks or professional shootings from famous photographers, nowadays it’s just Mom and her Iphone :)

There are lots of babies and kids who turned to be brand ambassadors, whose image went viral on social media, who are collaborating with fashion designers promoting through their Instagram account and us, the mommies around the world admire their looks, their angelic faces that look like professional models. These accounts influence in our concept about trends and fashion. I consider Kid bloggers a fantastic tool, which can make easier the big dilemma of the morning “How to wear to my baby girl today? You just look their outfits, their styles and how they mix and match outfits and colors, so it inspires you on doing the same with your little one…




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